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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogathon Canada.....


Hello is time for another Blogathon Canada to begin.  This is a special chance for you to meet new friends.  Read all about bloggers across Canada, learn about their interests and talents. Blogathon Canada is a week-long celebration of Canadian Quilting Bloggers brought to you by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.
This is the second year that Blogathon Canada will celebrate the tremendous craft, talent, and passion of the online community in Canada.

Each day a host blogger will share their interests and introduce themselves; along with links to other bloggers from their province for you to visit. The host bloggers will have giveaways for you too...some of their favorite things from Sew Sisters...adding to your fun.This year; Sew Sisters has teamed up with Aurifil, Northcott, and Robert Kaufman to bring you even more giveaways.  Check out their blog for more and see how you can join the party!!  Go to Sew Sisters Blog.

I will be one of your hosts this year; and I hope you join us for a few days for a great adventure. 
Here is the schedule:

Monday, November 18
Monday, November 18
Tuesday, November 19
Tuesday, November 19
Wednesday, November 20
Wednesday, November 20
Thursday, November 21
Thursday, November 21
Friday, November 22
Friday, November 22
Saturday, November 23
Saturday, November 23

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday

The end of October!!! ....hard to believe; isn't it?  I have been constantly sewing and quilting; but not a lot to show you.

I finished hand quilting the Batik quilt for a customer:

 A peek at the backing...This is one pretty quilt; I wish the lighting showed it up better. It is a queen size quilt.

I had my "Wicked" projects posted this they are in case you didn't see them.

These were fun to make..skinny little wall hangings.  I have my project ready for the "For the Boys" hop, but can't show you!!!! lol
Have to start one for "Black Tie" hop next. Tomorrow I am going to start basting a queen size quilt of my own to quilt on Tiara....then put the next customer quilt in the frames to hand quilt. This will be the last one that has to be done before Christmas. After that; I have 3 smaller ones to hand quilt...a cross stitch that is queen size....and a Double Wedding Ring that has to be made for a customer....pieced and quilted.
So; I will be busy for quite some time.  I am in the middle of piecing my churn dash for the 100 Club at our local quilt shop.

I need to remember to take more pictures to show you...I will try to do that for next week's post...I have lots of things I am working on that you haven't seen.

As usual; I am linking up to Monika and Lee; come take a look.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Hey folks; I hope you all enjoy viewing every one's quilts this year. I have one more for you to see again...a baby quilt.  This is the quilt I made for the 'Hexie' blog hop; this was my first attempt with hexies. 

I love this little quilt; as it is not only my first hexie, but a more modern version for me. 
Stats on this one: Baby Quilt
                           36x46 inches
                           machine appliqued
                           machine quilted on my Tiara by me
                           hexies are Lucy Crabshack

Linking up to  Quilt Festival

Blogger's Quilt Festival


Hi folks...this is a special time of year; where we, as quilters all get together to show off our work and appreciate each other. I am entering this quilt in the applique is machine applique.
This quilt measure 82x102 inches; is cotton fabric with poly batt for hand quilting.
The story behind this quilt: a family stopped by my home last summer(2012) where I sell my quilts. They were from Fort McMurray, Canada. They wanted something as a souvenier from the; commissioned me to make a quilt for them. Now this is not that one...they ordered a 'Bluenose'; which can be seen on one of my blog posts. This particular quilt came along later; about the time they received the first one in the mail.  This one is a fishing theme quilt. I thought about it for a little while; and said I would make it for them.  It was a fun experience for me...and they loved it as much; if not more than the 'Bluenose' all is good.  Here is the fishing theme quilt I called 'Gone Fishin'.

We have the Sockeye Salmon, Halibut, Salmon and Brook Trout down the center. With a fly rod, regular fishing rod and the deep sea fishing rod across the top.  The crewel baskets  and nets in the bottom corners.
In the next corners are hooks with worms on them....the fishermen at the bottom....and loons in the outside corners. It is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and hand quilted by me.

A close up for you.....I hope you enjoyed this post and my quilt. I thank Amy for hosting this Festival for all of please visit everyone entering and vote. I would love your vote, but vote for your favorite. And good luck and congrats to all of you entering. Have a fun time for sure!!!
Here is the link to this category:


Thursday, October 24, 2013


My day has arrived!!!  This is so much fun..are you all having fun?  Yes!!!!
Our wonderful leaders; Wendy and Madame Samm have done it again....fantastic hop ladies!!!!

I have 2 little projects to show you this time...each one is a wall hanging that was very fun to put together.

 close up; see the little bat button?????Who doesn't love a pair of skull boots??????? I love a pointed toe,but...........................
 Second one.....ohhhhhhhhh those creepy spiders and their webs....don't you hate getting tangled up in those...
 close up; spiders with their little button  eyes.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!
Each piece measures 6x22 inches and is a lot of fun; with a mixture of fusible applique and machine quilting.
I hope you enjoyed this post today remember to visit the rest of today's participants. Thanks for being here!!!!!

                   October 25th

Now; you know there is a giveaway...right??? lol I have 2 FQs of Fall fabric for one winner.  Just leave a comment; followers leave a second comment for that second chance.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Wicked"ness is coming here very soon!!!! Don't miss it!!!

Here is the schedule for our next blog hop starting really soon folks......

   October 22nd

October 23rd

October 24th

October 25th

October 28th
I Piece 2-Mary
            The Distracted Domestic

October 29th

October 30th

October 31st

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday!!

Oh...Wednesday  why is it as we get older; they come around more quickly???? Well; it is here and I am ready this week.  It's been a good week for sewing and other chores...our hardwood is all in for winter; I am getting to the end of painting my new doors...thank goodness because it is cool now and harder to paint outside.

WIPs for this week:  Now I am not going to list those of my own waiting to be quilted because they have been here awhile and might still be here for some time. But in regards to what I am working on......

I finished the customer quilt that I showed you last time....twin size:

I have the next customer quilt in the frames and hand quilting it now....this is all Batiks; very nice to quilt.

I finished the 8th block for the QAYGAQL with Amira...
 close up.....

I have my pieces ready for the 'Wicked' blog hop...but can't show
I am working on something for the "Boys' hop and 'Black Tie'.

I do have the cross stitch quilt top put together, but forgot a picture....I will show you soon.
I am getting 3 more quilts tomorrow to hand quilt....I think they are lap size...not sure.
I do have a small piece pinned and ready to quilt on Tiara too.  
I am also doing a churn dash quilt as a group thing with our local quilt shop....The Fabric Cupboard.
This is the 100 Club that I join once a year....This quilt is done on a monthly basis; lots of fun...we are doing it completely in Bella Solids.....I'll try to remember to takes pics of some blocks for next time.

Well; I think that is it for me this week...meeting with the sewing buddies tomorrow night. Not sure what I'll work on then...have to bring something or I 'll just talk and drink

You know the drill; linking up to Monika and Lee; come take a look.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Go To Jail!!......I am a Quilter!!!!

Well; I read Paulette's post and then Connie's post and I couldn't resist any longer!!  This is because I Am A Quilter!!!!!

I have....a quilt on the Tiara....
Quilts posing on the kitchen floor
Quilts waiting to be quilted....
Customers quilts.....
Finished quilts
Quilt on my bed....
Quilt in progress...
Quilts outside in the sun...
New quilts....done with friends....

I could go on and sunporch is full of quilts and quilted items for sale.
But I think you get the picture,,,,right????

I am linking up to Paulette...come take a look at the rest of us

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Take Five' makeover

Remember the quilt I showed you a few days ago??? the group quilt....well; I wasn't happy with the light green border I put on mine.   So; I took if off and put another is the

 close up of the fabrics....
This is the first version here....
The green border was suppose to pull the green from the blocks above; but didn't back to the darker color....which I like.  I can stop thinking about it

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gifts to Show You

I've been a bit slow getting these pictures up; but a little while back I won a giveaway from Amira over at Sewing Under Little Mushroom Caps.....this is what Amira was so kind to send me.

 A lovely cushion cover with zipper in the back
 This wonderful table runner....don't you just love the fabric on the back??
Now this little pouch came from Mara ....she sent this just to be nice.. I pinned a picture of hers and this was a lovely thank you.    

Thank you ladies!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

We Have a Winner of the 60s Blog Hop!!!!!!!!!!!

I was ready to say I liked your bag....That was before you modelled it in the right time frame. Now I absolutely love it! What a fun idea. You made me grin! One question: Are those clothes the originals.......And you STILL fit into them.....Amazing.

Congratulations Heleen!!  I will be sending you an email.
Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments. I had a blast!!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quilts, Quilts,Quilts

Remember I told you about our sewing group making 5 quilts on Saturday????  Well; here are 3 of them finished!!
This first on belongs to Connie; from Shepody Mountain Crafter...was going to give you the link...but blogger is not co operating right now.
This one belongs to Rose; not a blogger, but a good friend
This one is mine.....these are all the same pattern done in different colors.  Isn't it amazing how different they can look......I call mine 'funky' because it is totally different than my normal style.  

We had a great time getting these together; and Judy and Marla will have theirs on here soon.

You might see the fabric better in this one....