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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello folks....linking up to

I am going to show you the quilt I just finished hand quilting on Sunday...Big Star from Missouri Star Co.
I love this quilt, measuring 112x112 inches.
And this is the one I am hand quilting now....Floral Arbor.
The is a difficult one to see the quilting on...a custom order for a wedding gift.
I have this one on my Tiara quilting it now too...
Can't remember the name, but the yellow blocks sort of form a pinwheel. I'll show you again when finished. I have another order for w wedding gift too, but haven't picked a pattern out yet...later.
Have a good week everyone!!!! Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Newest finish!!

Yesterday I finished hand quilting this large quilt. It measures 112" square, and I love it!  It has wonderful  fabrics in it...nice to work with.
I have one more side to finish binding, back got tired last ...had to quit!

Draped over a chair...
On bed, but can't step away enough to see the whole quilt.
Well, back to it after housework is done today. Then on to the next one!!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Opposites Attract!!!!!

IHey folks!!! day to take part in this blog hop organized by Marian over at  Have you had fun so far????  We are really lucky to have the great giveaways too!!  Fat Quarter shop and DJ Inkers have been so generous.

Now for my part in this one, I made a little table runner.  We were allowed 3 colours, but I stuck with 2, and I did keep it under the required size.

This is done with a soft purple and chartreuse( light yellow/green).  The pattern came from a quilt that I just custom made.  This made the choice really
Another look at it....with my tulip blossom in a large cup.

And here is the quilt that the idea came from....and the true colour of the fabric.  Amazing what lighting does, eh!!!
To get in on the giveaways, please go over to Marians blog with the link above.  Thanks for visiting!!!

Today's schedule...

June 07

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, and Sunny!!!!

I am not linking up to anyone this morning...just letting you know what I'm up to.  This week, so far, I've finished hand quilting this customer quilt...
Another angle....
Back, which is a dark army green print...doesn't look it here though.
I bound it last night.  This qult is all a fantastic flannel.
I machine quilted this lady's crib quilt yesterday too....fireside on the back( like minky). Have to do the binding later today.

I spent the morning today mowing lawns...that time again!!!! Love it...

I am working a little on my snow geese later, and going to put this one in to hand quilt soon.

It measures 112" square...anxious to get at it. On the weekend, I will be buying fabric for a new order.
Once I get it, I'll post a pic of to with the pattern I'll be doing.
I also have a couple of runners to take pics of, and I have my project all ready for the blog hop starting June 1st.

Have a wonderful week all!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday...where does the time go?

THis week I am fighting headaches each day, but moving along.  I did finish and am shipping this morning...these quilts for customers.

THis is a large queen size quilt, hand this soft fabric. It is a wedding gift from my customer.
And this one...I apologize because I neglected to get a picture of it finished before packing it up.
But seriously, there is so much going on with the little can't see the quilting. This is a bed runner with a cushion to match.  I met the owner on the cruise ship, and was delighted to do this for her.
I am now hand quilting this one..
This is a customer quilt made from gorgeous flannel. I was afraid it would be hard to hand quilt, but not so! I have a couple of crib quilts to machine quilt...and many more large quilts waiting.
I am also starting a snow geese quilt..just have a few pieces maybe next time there will be something to show you.
We'll have to get to it here folks...have a great rest of the week!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Please join us!!

Here we are at another mid week...time is flying!  Linking up to Monika at

I am having a fantastic week here in Shepody, N.B....working outside, then taking a break inside at one quilt or another.  Things are really moving along with my quilting...better not jinx
I am hand quilting this order for a lady who has got me to make quite a few quilts for her.
Sorry...I turned the quilt a couple of hours ago, which means you can't see the quilting...hmmmm
But I am loving this quilt...such soft colours.  I mentioned a monopoly quilt last week, well it is finished. Now, it's not my kind of quilt, but the man wanted this

draped over a chair...
Couple of the blocks...

I have to find out where he got those blocks!!!    Lol

I still have a few of my own to quilt and a few more customers.  This next one is a bed runner from a lady I met on the cruise.
Now in this pic, it's not pieced yet...can't wait to see it finished!  I'm done ranting for this time round folks...have a good week.