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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hello everyone...been awhile since posting last, summer chores are ruling my I'm just glad it finally got here!  I am still quilting though, just not constantly like normal.
Here is a throw I just finished quilting on Lily, my Coronet. I did ruler work on this one.
And ...
Again, closer...
Besides this one, I have a friends quilt that I am hand quilting on.  I can't show anymore than a peek until she sees it...sorry.
Not much to look at, I'm afraid...but the rest is embroidered blocks.  To follow...
Besides this, I am weeding flower gardens, planted a large veggie garden and mowing lawns...painted back steps this morning. I am staying very busy!!!!   Lol

And... time folks, have a great week.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Wish Upon a Star

Today is my day, with friends, to show what I made for this blog hop.  Now, you might, at first glance, think I have the wrong hop...but, no.  Lol, I put together a tree skirt,  but it is a star.
I enjoy making this tree skirt, as the pieces are large, and it works up quickly.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Quilt & Fiber Arts Show and Sale

I realize that most of you are too far away....but, just in case you happen to be travelling at this time.
Here is info on our show this year....we display over 100 quilts to show and sell.  Plus we have an applique display at the same time...and a workshop as you can see below.  This is all taking place at our Historical Museum and courthouse.
Besides quilts, there are smaller crafts of all sorts, and quilt tops. This is our first year with a Merchants Mall, too...going to be fantastic!

If you know anyone travelling to New Brunswick, Canada at this time, please let them know...a good day had by all.  We are located very close to the Hopewell Cape Rocks Park too....the words largest natural flower pots.

Friday, May 11, 2018


Hello everyone ...been a month since I showed anything here.  I am always quilting, but sometimes neglect to post..sorry.

I think the last time you saw this one, it was being hand quilted. Well, it is finished and been picked up.
This gorgeous quilt belongs to Marla, from Marla's Crafts. I have been doing her hand quilting for some time now. I really like the freshness of blue and white...
I have been busy working on projects for two blog hops coming up the end of May and in July, but can't show those til then.
This is what I am hand quilting now...and I have a twin size quilt pin basted and ready for Lily.  Most likely, after the weekend...I think I need to mow grass! 
Last weekend, we did an early Mothers Day thingy with our oldest son and his family.  We hiked up Shepody Mt., which I haven't done in 10 years!  We had a great afternoon..31/2 hours of hiking, came home to a lovely supper made by our daughter in law, who hiked with us, too.  She had made lasogna, garlic bread, and had a tuxedo cake for dessert...our son did the dishes!  A fun day had by all...

Have a fantastic weekend folks...see you soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

FIber Arts & Quilt Show

For anyone travelling in our area....Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada, our show is July 10-14 at the Albert County Museum, 3940, route 114, Hopewell Cape, N.B.
We display over 100 quilts for show and sale...a wonderful show with a couple of workshops on that Saturday.
I will be working this show, and look forward to meeting you if you can be there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hi is Tuesday, and a gorgeous day here in Southern New Brunswick.  I have been cooking, cleaning, went for a walk...and as the ice is melting from our pond....I can watch the goldfish swimming around. Our pond water is at its best this time of the very clear.

Now....quilting is going like crazy here!  We had our group sewing day yesterday, and I had a blast!
Now, to explain....first off, I forgot my lunch!!!  Well, I ate better than always great friends looking out for you, eh.  Then, half hour into the morning, I realize I didn't have all the fabric I needed with me.   So.....what did I do all day?   Well, I helped some of the girls with their projects.  I put in a non boring day!!
Now, on to my works in progress....I finished my Big Ten quilt on Lily Saturday morning.

Freehand flowers and leaves all over this one.  And Sunday evening, I finished hand quilting the Geese Variation, made by Merrill, my husband. I'll have to take a pic of the back for you too.
Here's a better one....


Will get a better pic of this later on...not seeing two of the nicest borders here.  I put this customer quilt in to be hand quilted this afternoon.
Can't wait to get at it!!!!  Have a fantastic week everyone...I'm off to get a tea and relax a bit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Hey's everyone's week going?  I am busy working away at quilts...still no real cleaning going on...oops!
On the weekend, I finished this Wallflower on Lily...
I love this quilt, large freehand daisies in borders, ruler work in the ditches, and stippling in blocks.
I also finished hand quilting this Big Star quilt for a friend...
I have this table runner that is now finished...
Not a great pic, but I think you can get it.  I have this one in being hand quilted now...started tonight.
My hubby pieced this last winter for me...finally getting it quilted.
I am piecing an order too, but no pics yet.  And I have two projects to do for blog, you better get to it!
Thanks for stopping by.