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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Linking to folks, back again this week...yay!
Having my breakfast and tea waiting for the fog to lift so I can get out in the garden for a bit.  I have things pretty well caught up though.
This week's WIPs are as follows....
Ok, I finished piecing the Irish Mist...last week it looked more like this
And now...
You realize, the breeze stopped as soon as I took the quilt top down!   Lol. But, I love this quilt, and am anxious to quilt it.  This next one is still being hand quilted but near the end now.
There is one more row of blocks and borders left.
The Giant Dahlia is ready to be appliqu├ęd to the background too.
This is almost identical to one I sold this summer.  I am working on a piece for the blog hop in Sept....ssssshhhhh.
I have one more to piece that is with the Dahlia order, which will be in grays and purples.  Will show you once I get started. I am going to try to get one ready for Lily today...if possible.
Now, besides this, here is what I've been up to..

And sitting out enjoying the high tide from my back yard. That's it til next time folks...have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Hi folks, I am linking up,with Monika at
This week I have finished hand quilting this very pretty quilt that belongs to a friend.
It is being followed by this in my frames being hand quilted.
Not a lot quilted yet, I made these this morning...14 jars of mustard pickles.
And picked peas this afternoon...but will get to it soon.
I have borders to add to this one...
And I have started this order...Giant Dahlia
I've had a few quilts dropped off this week to be hand and machine quilted. So, going to be busy and loving it!  Enjoy your week...nice to be back.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Hello folks....I haven't been around much lately, other than blog hops, but hoping to change that.
I tend to get busy this time of the year with outdoor lawns, flower gardens and veggie garden.  But, I am sewing and quilting up a storm...just not posting it all.  

I have finished hand quilting 2 embroidered quilts for a friend, who is gifting them.
This is a peek at one, the other was blue instead of black.  The pic doesn't do them justice at all...the unicorn blocks are really quite pretty.
Right now I am hand quilting this one for a friend..nearing the end of it.
I don't want to show more because she needs to see it first. I have around 8 quilt tops of my own to quilt, but can't seem to get one on Lily right now..I keep going back to customer quilts because of deadlines, but soon!
I am working on this Irish Mist of my own..piecing it right's a peek
This is the Center..I have two small borders added, but will add more. The pattern is smaller than I want.  I am loving this quilt so much!
I have started piecing a Giant Dahlia for a customer...identical to this one that she bought a few weeks ago.
And, I have another order for this same lady...will show it when finished too. I had two quilts dropped off today to be hand quilted, and another arriving on Thursday.  So, I am very busy, and loving it!!!!
Here is my veggie garden that will be ready to harvest In Two to three weeks.
This is part of is 35'x125'...I could be crazy!  Lol. But, I enjoy being outside...mowed lawns today for 31/2 hours and it was a warm day. But, done for another week...yay!
This weekend. I think we may just take off in the Solstice...enough work!  Hmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Christmas in July

My day, my day...thrilled to death to be here again, with all of these fantastic fellow bloggers.  Carol has been out doing herself organizing these hops for all of us.  Let's give a big thank you, Carol!!
I have a couple of pieces to show you this time around...yes, getting carried away with

First up, is this wall may have seen it at this stage a few months back. 
Three paper pieced trees from Tall Tree what do I do with these?  Well, this it what I decided on...a wall hanging.
I pieced it together with narrow, 1-2" white background strips, added borders, and machine quilted with wavy, snow mound type lines. And I liked it after all
Another view of it...
This shows the different whites in the background. Some are plain whites, and some are tone on tone.
So, that's the first on to the others.
This is the Woodland Forest tree skirt by Karen Neary from Sew Karen-ly Created...
It is so much fun to make, too...I even made a second!
Another view... explanation for two skirts is, print your templates from an iPad...get the smaller one.  Print templates from a laptop and get the larger tree skirt. You have a large have a smaller tree...not a problem!!!  

Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this blog hop, and will be in the next one also.  Please take the time to visit everyone else on the list below and leave a wonderful comment.
Thank you for being here for us.

July 26

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hello everyone...been awhile since posting last, summer chores are ruling my I'm just glad it finally got here!  I am still quilting though, just not constantly like normal.
Here is a throw I just finished quilting on Lily, my Coronet. I did ruler work on this one.
And ...
Again, closer...
Besides this one, I have a friends quilt that I am hand quilting on.  I can't show anymore than a peek until she sees it...sorry.
Not much to look at, I'm afraid...but the rest is embroidered blocks.  To follow...
Besides this, I am weeding flower gardens, planted a large veggie garden and mowing lawns...painted back steps this morning. I am staying very busy!!!!   Lol

And... time folks, have a great week.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Wish Upon a Star

Today is my day, with friends, to show what I made for this blog hop.  Now, you might, at first glance, think I have the wrong hop...but, no.  Lol, I put together a tree skirt,  but it is a star.
I enjoy making this tree skirt, as the pieces are large, and it works up quickly.