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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She Got Me!!! I've Been

Well I have been sitting back laughing about all the tagging going on here in blogland; and guess what.  You got it...Karen over at tagged me....among others.

How this works; I have to answer 11 of Karen's questions; then send 11 more questions to 11 bloggers....yes; beware  So let's see if I can get these questions and answers taken care of now.

1.What is your most treasured possession?
Besides my home; that would be my little red Pontiac Solstice

2.Chocolate or crisp? Coffee or tea?
Definitely crisp and tea.

3.Do you have any other crafty interests apart from patchwork/quilting?
Nothing crafty; I love my flower gardens, but not too crafty at that

4.Dogs or cats?
I am a dog lover

5. What was your favorite subject in school?
English; I hated anything that took much

6.What is on your sewing machine at the minute?
A sandwich to practice my FMQ

7. Who is your favorite singer/group?
I love all music; but Johnny Reid is it for me!!

8.Does your nearest and dearest know how much fabric you really have?
Oh yeah!!  most of it

9.What is your favorite all time film?
Hmmmmmmm....Dirty Dancing....loved it!

10.Where is your favorite holiday destination?
I've only been to Cuba; so what can I say??

11.What's your favorite thing you ever made?
That would have to be all the quilts I've made for my little grandsons.
They hold a special place, you know.

Now for my questions:
1. What got you started sewing/quilting?
2. How long have you been crafting?
3. Where did you travel to this year?
4. What is your favorite foreign food?
5. Have you ever been to New Brunswick, Canada?
6. What is your favorite on line fabric shop?
7. What TV show do you like; if any?
8. Who has been a big influence in your crafting life?
9. Do you like working outside/gardening ?
10. What is your favorite season and why?
11. What is the one crafty item you really want to make one day?

Now I am tagging:

Have fun girls.....


  1. Great answers! I would love to go to Cuba..maybe some day!

  2. Fun! I love getting to know you these fun things about you, Marjorie! Dirty Dancing is one of my favs too! I'll do a post this weekend to answer your questions. :)

  3. Lovely to learn more about you! Great questions, too!