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Thursday, July 19, 2012

FMQ Challenge 2012

This month's challenge was a very interesting; and I thought a simple one. Wrong again!! lol. Angela gave us a very nice detailed tutorial for tiling a quilt..It looked magnificent when she did it...Anyway; enough of my joking around. I did a small practice piece...but I can't sit long enough at the machine right now to do more for this month; so it is far from perfect. But all of mine I will definitely try this again; and take more time to plan ahead.  I really think tiling would be easy enough if I planned something instead of just sitting and going at it!!  I found myself in spots that I couldn't get out of the way I was suppose to. So; for this month this is it for me...but I really want to thank Angela and Darlene for taking their time to put this together for all of us.  And one day my work will look just like Angelas......right????? haha.  I am having a great time with it, and will practice much more down the road...when I can sit longer.....

Thanks ladies....I am linking up to SewCalGal  and here is my fantastic sample....I can hear you giggling!!!


  1. I think it looks great! I need to practice my FMQ. right now I'm into pebbles.

    1. Hi Keira...I am here because I can't figure out how to email your with Google+. Thanks for your encouragement. I find FMQ difficult because the only practice I seem to get is when I do the challenge; and this time my back won't let me sit there long enough. Pebbles...I hope to get those one I find them very hard to do...

  2. It looks much better than my attempt would ;o)

  3. It looks really good, but I can see how you could get stuck up a blind alley, so to speak. I'm sure I would get it wrong but I suppose it just takes practice ... and then, more practice! xCathy

  4. I think it looks great! Very good!!!

  5. Interesting method. Obviously your still sore. I hope it's getting better.