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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Here we more week down for February!  This has been a productive one so far...with stormy weather; sewing gets

This week I have a few items to show you that are in progress.

I have finally got my Road Trip QAL top in the frames being hand quilted...thought it would never get there.
This is it before I added another narrow white border, and a wider mustard color to the outside. I wanted to make it this one will be done in a couple of weeks...I hope.

I finished piecing a table topper that Connie and I were working on...we each bought a kit from Connecting Threads.
 close up of the blocks...

And this table topper that Marla and I bought....we started it this afternoon at our sewing group.

The stats are still to be appliqued....they are just sitting there right now.

I showed my "All about Me' pieces on yesterday's post.  I have my pieces for 'Nancy Drew' ready to go.  Now I need to start on the 'April Showers" piece.  These hops keep me inspired!!!!!

I will be linking up to Lee and Monika ; I hope you will join me.


  1. You always seem to finish things. Do you have any UFOs?
    Stay warm. Right now we have sunshine but it is cold.

  2. Great projects on the go, Marjorie! Can't wait to see your Nancy Drew!

  3. You must sew all day and all night!! I can't believe the volume of sewing you accomplish, and difficult patterns too. Great work.

  4. I think I need some snow days if one can accomplish as much as you have. Nice work. I agree that the hops are inspiring.

  5. I really like the kit from Connecting threads. Beautiful blocks!

  6. you have been busy! The Road Trip Quilt is looking beautiful!

  7. You have really been working......
    I liked your roadtrip, and hand quilted?? Impressed!
    Regards Ingrid

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  9. Could you please tell me what a block on your Road Trip QAL is. I think it is a pinwheel. Anyway, it is on the fourth row down, third block from the left. The QAL is so pretty. And April Showers?? I hadn't heard of this one.

  10. Wow Marjorie,

    I've been behind the finish line and just starting to get back to reading blogs and so good to catch up on your new stuff! Nice projects, love the one with bells, lovely!

  11. Your Road Trip QAL quilt is fab. I do like hand quilting but seems to take me forever! Such lovely projects you have on the go!

  12. beautiful projects! Love the quilt along and am so impressed you will be hand-quilting it.

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  15. Lots of great projects of the go this week Marjorie , your quilt is gorgeous ! I see you have some spam today too , I also had some get through.

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  17. Your projects are looking fantastic!! You Road Trip quilt has turned out lovely!

  18. Wonderful projects, congrats on the finishes.

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