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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday/ Spring has Sprung!!!!

Nice to have this beautiful spring weather we are having right now.  I have been raking leaves off of my flower beds, and enjoying the gorgeous days.

Last week, I finished this customer quilt...
Hand quilted and finished it so she can put it in a show!!!

This week I have this t shirt quilt pieced and ready to pin baste for the Tiara...
Now this is a small portion of it...king size. I will have a full pic once I quilt it.
I have this one in the frames to hand quilt now...
And, I have started cutting fabric to make this quilt.

Not much of a picture, as I got in a hurry this afternoon to get these ready.
I have 3 more customer quilts waiting to be hand quilted, and 3 or 4 of my own...not sure just what I will do with them yet.
Well, I hope you all have s wonderful week of sunshine!!!


  1. And here all day I thought it was still Tuesday! LOL. Love your posts, Marjorie.

  2. have activity going on everywhere! I'm so glad that spring has finally arrived there.

  3. Hi Marjorie! Yes, it is so nice to be rid of the snow and finally get some springy weather. Nice projects going on. Love that Candy Box.

  4. I'm pleased spring has finally arrived there. I love the candy box pattern.