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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone...I haven't been posting regularly lately, because I am busy out doors so much now. But, I am still quilting steadily.  This week I have a few things to show you...things I am working on.

First up:  I quilted this one for a friend on the Tiara last week...bound it last night.
its a simple patchwork rail fence that I quilted a meandering loopy design on.  All folded and ready to go!

This next one is what I am hand quilting right now for a customer...
I have done three of these samplers this year two lap size and a queen. This one is all Bstiks and gorgeous!!! I'll post another pic when I finish it...on the last row of blocks now.

This one is the Bargello strip I have ready for my Bargello Dahlia.
The next step is to draw the petals on fusing and fuse them to this. Should be interesting!!!!

Now the next one is a customer quilt that I am going to quilt on the TIara soon...I want to do a few small pieces first.
I have to get at my FMQ Challenge right away and quilt a few baby quilts.

Yard work is keeping me away from these things lately..This morning I planted marigolds in the flower beds, as the spring flowers are going out of blossom now. I love my spring gardens! here is my lilac tonight in the rain.
a look down an area of our pond...where I can sit in the shade.
One garden...
Next is the front yard and my veggie garden in the distance.  just got it all planted.
well...enough of my days, have a great week.
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  1. Love the bargello, rail fence, and your garden photos! As I scan those who have posted to WIP Wednesday, I smile that in many cases, we can figure out in what part of the country we live, based on the garden that (I suspect) most of us use as inspiration. As those in southern Ontario post photos of their trillium and magnolias, we in the prairies look to our lilacs and bulbs, and those on the west coast see cherry trees.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN, Marjorie!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much time gardening takes away from quilting? It looks like you have been busy with both. That bargello is really gorgeous.

  3. can see you have been busy both inside and outside, how lovely to have the pond, wonder if there are any ducks maybe not they might eat your veg

  4. Hi Marjorie, love your quilts and garden. But delete forever the previous comment toy comment. See the Viagra attachments.

  5. Congrats on both your hand quilting and machine quilting skills.

    Your garden looks lovely and lush a great place to enjoy.

  6. Gracious you're busy Marjorie! I especially love the Dahlia! blessings, marlene