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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FMQ Challenge/October 2015.....Halloween Haunts Schedule

Here we go......almost the end of the month!!!  I am ready to show this months pillow.
Our instructor this time around is Lori Kennedy...we all know how neat her quilting is!!!

I chose the option to trace Lori's pumpkin and go from there. it was a very interesting and fun time quilting this out, I just love it! I am, however disappointed in how little my thread shows up. I thought this was a glow in the dark thread, but I would have used a darker fabric if I'd played around with it first, but I didn't,,,so, it is what it is!  I do love this thread though.

This first pic is the inside of the pillow....wrong side, because it shows the quilting best for you to see.
I quilted  a grid in the Center of the pumpkin, figure eights out from there,to little swirls then meandered the background...and pebbles around the square off border.
Inside you can just see the white glide bobbin thread...
One view of the good side...I used glide thread here, but colour is citron.  I know you can't!!!
A bit better....
Close you can see the sheen of the thread....this is a fantastic thread and colour.
I am anxious to try it on black now!!!!  Lol have to take a peek at the end of the month to see all of the pillows.

Here is your schedule for the remainder of the blog hop...enjoy!

                                              Featured Haunts On Wednesday October 21


  1. Nice one Majorie... we had the same issue. I also thought that I would have liked to stitch with a more visible colour once I had started. I do prefer to stitch with a lighter thread on dark fabric...somehow my stitches turn out better that way and you can obviously see the design better. Well, there's always next time.

  2. Your pillow/quilting is jaw dropping gorgeous! WOW!!

  3. Your pillow is gorgeous! Maybe sometime I'll try the FMQ challenge. I enjoy seeing your projects.

  4. I can see the citron thread. I like the subtle use of a bold color on your pillow. Your quilting looks great!

  5. Wow....I love your quilting on that, Marjorie. Nice month!

  6. Gorgeous FMQ pillow. Has a very elegant feeling to it. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  7. It's a lovely large pumpkin! I like the checker board pattern a lot.

  8. It is beautiful!! Fabulous quilting!!!

  9. Your pumpkin turned out terrific, Marjorie! I've never tried glide thread...I must put this on my list of threads to try!

  10. Great job on your pillow. I need to try the glide thread ~ a little glimmer adds a lot.

  11. Beautiful Marjorie and like you.....I love Glide thread!

  12. Oh man, I would be so sad too if I was expecting it to glow! But it turned out very well! I think it's funny how most of us gravitated towards the checkerboard in the center. Really though, it's such a cool pattern...

  13. This pillow is gorgeous! I love the color-reminds me of all the white pumpkins available now. Great work!