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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WIP Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted one of these. I was away on a cruise for ten days, and just haven't been around lately....sooooo, let's see what we have.

Linking up to Monika at Well, I am back at it...trying to get myself motivated to make some progress around here!
Been home for a week now, and I have a customer quilt in the  frames being hand quilted.  It is over half quilted as of tonight and going smooth. This quilt was pieced several years ago...I get the pleasure of finishing it.

I picked up a sampler quilt today to hand quilt...haven't looked at it yet though.  I still have this one waiting to be quilted on the Tiara.
I got a custom order this past week from a long time customer for a queen size quilt for a wedding gift.
So, I need to start piecing this one soon....she has been good to me!
I have fabric cut for two casserole carriers to make with our sewing group on Monday. And....I have my post ready for my day in the Quilt Qwazy Queens. Blog day is Thursday of this week.
Well.....I think I am done for the night. I hope you are following the hop, schedule is in my last post.
You know i have a stack of quilts of my own waiting to be quilted!!!!!


  1. Wow....I am tired just reading about your schedule. It didn't take you long to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy the fun.

  2. the cruise must have been fun and now back to quilting, a busy schedule you have planned