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Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainy Monday

Now,  a rainy Monday would usually get me down...but we are getting some much needed rain today.
The view from my living room window an hour ago...actually raining harder than it looks too!
Now, the view in my living
This is the customer quilt I am hand quilting this week. Love this is so soft and suits the girly hearts being quilted in the border.  Very busy with quilts right the garden comes almost to an end.
Lots of tomatoes to stew, potatoes to dig in a couple of weeks...then wood to get in for winter!!!
You know what they say....a woman's work is never done....yes!!!!!  Best time for our annual community turkey supper...right?  Oct. 1st. We will serve about 600 at our community hall between 3 and 7pm.
Well, back to quilting.....

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