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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Linking up to Monika over here....
Hello folks...hope this finds everyone in good spirits. I know the nicer weather is helping my!
This past week has been busy here in my little corner of the world...getting ready for tourist season and gardening all at the same time. Hubby being late going back to work this year is a help to me with yard work, though.

My WIPs this time around are.....this Rail Fence pieced by the same lady that pieced last weeks Grandmothers Flower Garden is being hand quilted.
And this one on my Coronet(Lily), is my own Mail Slot quilt, which will go in the shop when finished. I loaded it this morning...then could not make up my mind on what to quilt on  Tomorrow I will decide on something!  This measures 90x100" which are hanging below the machine. Lol
These next blocks are a LaMoyne Star which is a custom order I am working on.
There will be 20 blocks with triple sashings and a nine patch corner stone in each sashing. Did this one years ago too.
Besides these, I have made and machine quilted several baby quilts, a bed runner, and a couple of wall hangings for Canada's 150.
This is the wall hanging above.....these small items all need to be bound yet. Other than what I've shown you here; I have three customer quilts to be hand quilted, one customer quilt to machine quilt, and five of my husbands to s couple more of my own. Ours will be done both ways....depending on the quilt.

That is it, I think...stay safe and enjoy as much quilting as you can...


  1. You are always sew busy, Marjorie. You inspire me! I have been working on hand stitched blocks that will hopefully someday be a quilt and wondering is I would ever be up to the task of hand quilting it. I love hand quilting and admire you (many) abilities ... happy sewing ... :-) Pat

  2. you always amaze me at how much you fit into a week and like scrapatches saidyou are so inspiring too.

  3. You always have so much going on, Marjorie. I'm sure you are enjoying getting ready for the tourist season. Enjoy the nice weather.