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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hi folks...linking up to Monika at
Well, the sun is shining this morning...not sure for how long though. It has been a dreary spring!
On to my works in progress...I have tons of projects on the go, but will show you the ones I am at right now.
This is a lady's quilt I am hand quilting...
I am just about in the Center now. It is very pretty colours, and I will show you the whole quilt when finished.  She marked it ahead of time, which helps.  This next one is a custom order...I've just finished piecing the Center of the quilt. Next step is the borders.
Lighting isn't great, but this is a very fresh quilt.  Besides these, I have 5or 6 waiting to be quilted one way or another.  And, I found the fabric I needed for another order, so that's good!  I spent yesterday afternoon sewing with my friend, June. She worked on a lovely set of placemats, no pic, sorry.  I worked at the quilt on my design wall above. 
Well, I guess I that's  it for me this week.  Today I will most likely be mowing after lunch..getting pampering this morning at the
Have a great day!!!!!!


  1. That first quilt looks like a real beauty. I can't wait to see the whole thing. I like the second one too.

    Sounds like you have your days cut out for you!

  2. 2 vert nice quilts on the go, I am now doing a bit of hand quilting but with perle thread and larger stitches should I use a hoop or is it okay to do without. Think I prefer it to machine as is so relaxing except when I prick my fingers on my left hand they look a real mess