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Monday, July 17, 2017

A Finish!

Time for a post...they seem so far apart lately.  I am struggling with a summer cold this week, and it's my husbands He brought it home!!!!!   But I have to say, he felt worse than I do with it.

I finished hand quilting this custom order, Dresden Plate or Sunflower...has been called both.
And....a different look at it.
I have two more to quilt for this person...actually piecing these quilts as well. I have them all pieced now...just to quilt them.
Taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon...cold be gone!!!!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. of course DH was worse he would have had man flu not a cold!!!

    Lovely quilt keep saying I must do some dresden plate fancy a few cushions but allready have more than I have room for!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt! Hope you both feel better quickly! --Andrea

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Summer colds are no fun.

    Your finished quilt looks beautiful - such pretty colors.

  5. Sorry to hear you have a cold , that's no fun at all . Love the dresden quilt , great job on the quilting.

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