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Sunday, March 18, 2018

What I'm Working On....

Hey folks, hope everyone has had a good weekend.  Mine went too fast, but, enjoyed it.  This afternoon we got to watch two of our grandsons play hockey...I love it!!!

On to quilting, eh...I have this customer quilt in being hand quilted.
I'm just past the center with the quilting.  I have my "Wallflower" quilt on Lily, just getting started with it.
I'm freehand quilting flowers in the borders, then I will do some ruler work with freehand in the blocks.
Will be puttering in the sewing room this week too...working a bit on a couple of table runners, and some bindings.  Then, I have to start piecing a quilt for a, lots going on.

I'm hoping someone might sneak in while I sleep and do a little of my spring cleaning!!!!  Maybe???


  1. Ha. If those spring cleaning elves come, would you please give them my address too? You always have so much going on - quilting, grandchildren, etc. I love the Wallflower quilt.

  2. I'm with Mary, send those cleaning elves my way, pretty please. The Wallflower quilt is so beautiful!