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Monday, October 4, 2010

Turkey Supper

Well it is over for another year!!..We had a blast, is certainly a good way to meet people; even new neighbours in the community. Let me see now; we were at the hall by 8:30am on Saturday potatoes for stuffing. We made the what we could put out on tables..picked up the donations from the community.....and believe it or not; I got wounded while doing so.  This is so funny!! I picked up the pies and rolls with a friend in her van, back to the hall to unload; opened the sliding door of the van...stuck my head in picked up some pies; turned around and the door closed on me; hit me just above my right eye.....well!!!! Did that hurt or what???? LOL...So; inside I go to the freezer; got out a bag of frozen turkey necks that is right.....held it over my eye for a bit..then went on my way....continued working......everyone went home for lunch;...and to clean up for later...this is at noon.....We are back for 1pm..putting rolls, pickles, cranberries,etc. on making coleslaw...we are suppose to start serving at 3pm..

It is 2pm. ...and the parking lot is filling we are ready and start serving about 2:40..the rush is on!!!LOL...We had a great time..we served around 500-550...not sure of the exact count yet. Then clean up...over all a very long day....and by now my eye is starting to turn colours....oh well...lesson learned!! Keep my head out of the way of the door on a van...This morning we went back up to the hall and finished cleaning pails that we stored food in.....ovens..burners..floors,etc. Done for the year!!!! It is a very nice community event...and folks look forward to it each year....keeps the community together....and the money raised goes to a lot of maintenance on the building...which anyone in the community can use; no charge...and we rent it out.....we donate to the schools...nursing homes....hospitals, graduates in the victims...all sorts of things benefit from this event.....good for all....

Ohhhhhh!!! and this morning I cut my thumb on a broken glass that was put in the can't win!!How am I going to quilt later????? I bet I will manage.....haha!!Now I have to get some work done here at home for a's been a week getting ready for the supper. So away I go....thanks for reading my little appreciated...

I removed the pic of the black eye....must be tired or seeing

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