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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have a question for those who do free motion sewing....I don't do it much; but like to play around a little
Sometimes I have no problem; sometimes I do. The problem always seems to be with the threading; somehow. Is there a problem using monafilament thread in the needle and cotton/polyester in the bobbin?
I am asking this now because I spent most of my morning trying to get my stitches on top of fabric to work right....they were skipping; so I am assuming it is the bobbin. Or is it the combination of the two different threads?  Help!!!!!..LOL...It seems I can do a sample; it works...I get my good work out and it messes up.

Don't want to ruin things....any ideas????

Thank you


  1. Hello,

    In all the invisible thread sewing i've done, i've never put mono thread in the bobbin. It is just so unruly. it's like trying to deal with twins that are really acting badly at the same time! ;P Just try to match the thread of the back or the or main fabric color. Hope that helps. ;D

    if not, just shoot me an email.


  2. I agree with Annie never use invisible thread in the bobbin. I use Aurifil 50/2 thread in the bobbin and match the colour to the backing, if using invisible thread on the top. I have started to move away from invisible on the top, it can get brittle and break before I use it up. Use the same thread weight top and bottom, but will change the colours. Hope I was of help.

  3. I have never had luck with the monofilament in the bobbin either and when I use it on top I use an embroidery needle or a microtex needle . I like to use a finer thread in the bobbin if possible ,also have you tried those little Magic Bobbin Washers? They seem to help with the bobbin thread not sure how that helps but it does , go to this site to read about them . Good luck .

  4. I use cotton in both top & bottom when FMQ. I once tried to use metalic and it did not work at all.

  5. I have had the best luck with using the same thread -- I usually use cotton in both. I just came across this blog though -- -- it looks like she has great instructions and video -- so maybe this would help!