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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday

The week has gone by so quickly. And we even had some sun that's a My works in progress are: 2 scrappy quilt tops waiting to be hand quilted(going to be awhile),and the Harry Potter quilt top. I have the quilt in the frames that the lady out of the province brought for me to do for her...It is a log cabin..I'll quilt that for her while she spends the summer at her cottage in our province.  And I'm showing you a peek at part of one of the custom quilts I'm piecing right you more when I get a bit farther with it.  That is it for me right now; other than vegie gardens, flower gardens; and lawns...oh my....someone has to do it, Have fun and check out who I'm linking up with; lot more going on over at Freshly Pieced with


  1. Love the log cabin quilt , a question for you , are you using a template of somekind for the border with the semicircles? The other quilt you have just started piecing is also going to be a beautiful quilt , love the color and fabrics. Are you sure you can't come on Tuesdays , we sure could use your expertise ;-)Lovely quilting!

  2. What a beautiful log cabin. And blues - my favorite color. :) Can't go wrong with it.

  3. Lovely quilts and beautiful quilting!

  4. Beautiful quilts to work on and those lovely nine patches for when you tire of the gardens - enjoy your week, it sounds divine!

  5. Oh, such pretty nine-patches! And the log cabin is wonderful as well. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )