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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Feathers....for the FMQ Challenge

Well.........I am no feather creator; by any  But it is almost the end of the month, and I have to post my feathers before I forget. I definitely need lots of practice on these(on all FMQ). But here it is folks!!!
This is my first and second attempt at a feather.....did I say this was a feather????? Well; I am not too sure.
This is today's attempt....not sure if the plain thread makes it look better to me or what it is. I really need to sit down at this more than once every 2 or 3 weeks. But I did open up my FM foot in the front; it wasn't an open toe...I couldn't see where I was going!!! That seemed to make it easier for starters. And slow down...I
tend to bare down and take 

Now I am going to link this up with The Challenge and give everyone else a good laugh. Seriously, practice would do wonders. I am a hand quilter; you

Have a good one.

I am adding this sample to my post...this is a day later than the one above...I was so freakin excited when I did this one...I  But I think a lot of improvement here....hope you agree.

Dah Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nothing wrong with those feathers Marjorie , todays are really quite good , keep practising I think you got it !

  2. I think you have a fine start on your feathers.I feel the key to any fmq is practice practice and then practice some more. Drawing on paper helps to build your motion memory sew.....doddling helps to.
    in stitches

  3. Hey, at least you tried. You could call them stems and leaves too if you wanted. I think it's the same with everything - practice.

  4. I think your feathers are great!

  5. I think your feathers look great....mine looked like snowshoes!
    btw...just voted for your basket entry...very cute!

  6. You're very brave!! I tried, once. Decided it was too difficult and would take too much time away from piecing, so gave up. I'm slowly making my way through the other blogs Mary-Francis gave her sweet award to. Am looking forward to scrolling through your archived posts while I sit with my coffee this morning. ~karen

  7. Tienes razón, con la práctica parecen más unas plumas. Gracias por tu comentario y también tú has hecho un buen trabajo. Ahora ya sabemos qué tenemos que hacer... practicar, practicar y practicar y algún día (?) nuestras plumas serán como las de Diane. ¿verdad?

  8. Patience, practise and persistence - not my strengths!!! Like you my practises are weeks apart most of the time but look how gorgeous the latest one looks!!!

  9. Good job! If you were to stipple around them, they would POP, even the ones that you think aren't perfect.

  10. I have been looking back through the feather technique to make sure I am going to be doing it right for a baby quilt. I saw a lot of them that were not as good as yours. I think yours is awesome. Have you made any more since February? Just thought I would tell you I like your feathers.