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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Ok; I'm getting too old for the weeks to go by so quickly!! Don't you find it is usual winter that drags along?
Anyway, another week gone, and I have bee fairly busy. The quilt I showed you last week is just about half quilted...and I've been in the sewing room a bit. So; working at it

My works in progress; 5 quilt tops to hand quilt
                                    the quilt in the frames now
                                    the projects for Feb's Blog Hop
                                    the Modern Triangle QAL
                                    the FMQ Challenge
Lots of do and hoping that when I finish this commissioned quilt, I will get at some on this list.
Here is a pic of what is going on with the Modern Triangles QAL: Ready to start putting things together.
I am linking up to Lee and   Monika; hope you will visit some of the blogs and see their lovely work.


  1. No wonder your weeks fly by, that's quite a list. It is cliche but I find it true that time goes even faster as we age. It's a constant struggle between slowing down to enjoy the moment and rushing to get everything we want done.

  2. Time does pass faster as we age, doesn't it! This last week, it's been so bad for me (this speeding up of time) that I've been in a panic actually, feeling that I wasn't getting enough accomplished. Then I stopped to think about it and found it hasn't been that bad actually. I just wasn't counting some things.

  3. Your commissioned quilt looks like it's going to be lovely!!

  4. Those triangles are looking great, Marjorie! Great fabric choices!

  5. Five quilt tops to hand quilt! You do keep busy. Love your triangles:)

  6. I can't imagine things going any faster so I guess we need to stop aging! lol

  7. Great progress on your triangles! Can't wait to see more of this!

  8. Oh I love the fabric you are using....lovely:) Ever since I started this Wednesday thing the weeks do seem to go faster...makes no sense does it...LOL

  9. Those triangles are going to be gorgeous. Do you have a picture of the finished quilt? I would love to see it.

  10. This winter seems to be flying by for me, maybe it is because I'm older, who knows :) I love the colors in your triangles and you sure sound busy!