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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tear Drops......Everywhere!!!

Texas Tear Drops; that is!!!     I took today to get my templates all traced, fused and cut out. There was a lot of cutting, but everything went well. I am really going to love this quilt.
I took a picture, but it is poor lighting in the sewing room this time of day. You aren't going to get the true color, but here is my progress so far.

A close up:

Well; the color isn't too too bad really. I am going to really like it...and if the whole quilt goes as smooth as this part did; I have it made.!! lol.
This QAL is being hosted by Vicki at The Quilting Lodge; great pattern Vicki. Thank you.

You can probably see more pictures on Flickr too.

I forgot to post the 3rd block in Amira's QAL; so here it is now.


  1. That block is pretty. Good job getting all your tear drops cut out. I have most of in the ditch done on Lauren's quilt. Will get up early tomorrow before any one is around.

  2. I love the tear drop quilt fabrics! It's going to be very pretty!

  3. Gorgeous colours and fabrics for the tear drop quilt! Can't wait to see how that comes together!

  4. Those are gorgeous fabrics you've chosen - it's going to exceptional!

  5. I love the jewel tones of the Teardrops pieces. It is going to be gorgeous.

  6. I love those colors - vibrant! blessings, marlene

  7. Love the colors Marjorie, this is a fun QAL!

  8. Love love love the colors you picked!!