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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday

The weeks are flying by...April already; but I have to say I am glad to see it. Our snow will be gone very soon. It is melting like crazy now...and about

I have been slowly trying to get a little cleaning done between the sewing projects; not much...but getting there. I have been busy with lots of projects this week. It seems there are so many things waiting for me in that sewing room.

I finished hand quilting the commissioned quilt that I had in last week.

This was very easy to quilt...great fabric, and mainly stitch in the ditch.  Now the back.
It's a tan marble type color...very soft fabric.

I have my piece ready for 'April Showers',but can't show you that yet.
I also have my piece ready for 'Birds' one in May.
This next one is a runner that I made with a couple of my sewing buddies; Connie and Marla. I love it!!!!
It still has to be quilted...will FMQ it one of these days.  I also have my 'Chimes' topper to quilt.
You've seen it though, has bells on it...a few posts back.

I will be putting a new lap size quilt in the frames tomorrow of Thursday. This is for another lady
I still haven't started the 'Fishing Lodge Theme quilt...but gathering fabrics and ideas right now.
Oh....almost forgot!!  I finished the last of the blocks for 'Garden Fence' quilt....I forgot to take pictures of those ones, but here are the others....I just have to put the sashing between the blocks and put the rows together...
The last set of blocks are set in a sort of gold color....but sort of marbled. If that makes

Well; I think that's it for me for now; I am linking up to Monika and Natalie.. take a look. It's always fun seeing what folks are up to.


  1. All beautiful, Marjorie! The Garden Fence blocks look especially intriguing.

  2. Tat is a gorgeous quilt and your hand quilting is lovely!

  3. Hand! That is just beautiful! I used to do a lot of that, but now I'm pretty much a machine-in-the-ditch sewer. You have been a busy, busy lady with your sewing (and cleaning.)

  4. Wow! What a week of progress!!! I just love those Garden fence blocks.

  5. Beautiful hand-quilting! And the red & black runner is stunning! Can't wait to see how you FMQ it!

  6. Gorgeous! You are talented.

  7. Your hand quilting looks amazing!!

  8. You have been super busy Marjorie , the quilt is gorgeous and as always so is the quilting . Lots of interesting projects on the go :-)

  9. Love the handquilting Marjorie....I am still persevering with my quilt and I am getting there. Fingers a little sore. Stiches are getting even though. I like that tablerunner. I just came across a pattern that resembles that...I will post it on my blog because I am going through my cupboards to see what is there ;). Lots of stitching at your place.

  10. Love the red and black table runner. I also love the quilt you quilted for someone else. Do you happen to know the name of the pattern? Or can you share it? It's beautiful. Thank you. Bonnie

  11. Wow! The runner is outstanding!