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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Another week gone!!!!  I know as I get older; it goes by much faster. this has been a wonderful week here...the past 4 or 5 days have been perfect weather; much needed.  We spent most of the weekend putting hardwood in the wood shed.  I have been doing a little of it each day this week; so we can finish.  I enjoy working outside, but am getting tired...glad tomorrow should finish what I can do by myself.  

Now; WIPs....I am half way through hand quilting this one: I am really thrilled with it so far.

I have my project ready for the 'Stamp on It' blog hop starting the 26th.   But can't show you.
Haven't started the 'Christmas in July'' yet.  I have 4 large quilts of my own to lap quilt...a table topper...and 2 customer quilts to hand no slacking off

I also machine quilted 2 little pieces on Tiara today......wall hangings. Need to bind those yet.

A close up:
These pieces are both identical pieces...growth charts;  Only the quilting is different.

A close up of this one......notice; it has funky flowers quilted all over instead of just across the top

I am linking up to Monika and Lee  for WIP Wednesday.  Take a look.


  1. It sounds like it has been a busy week for you so far. I think your twin quilts are darling and will be loved dearly.

  2. Love the Curiosities Growth Charts and how you quilted them a little differently.

  3. The quilt with fish would be wonderful for a fisherman . Cute little twin quilts and fun quilting on them. Have a great week

  4. Oh, I love your fish!!! Awesome quilt!!! And the growth chart quilts are fabulous!! I should get busy on similar quilts, we have a new grand daughter due in September. Her brother just turned 4, he would love his own too!!!

  5. Love the fishes, and the growth chart quilts are an interesting idea!

  6. Cute panels! Love the different quilting you did on them.

  7. Wow, lots of great projects in the works!

  8. Wow Marjorie ... your corner sure is a 'busy corner'... I'm not a quilter but it sure is eye candy and I can appreciate the time and effort in them.
    Thank you very much for visiting !

  9. You've got some really wonderful and adorable projects going on. Your list thats waiting seemed long to me, then I realized mine is just as long, I'm just in denial!

  10. This is a fantasy .... great beauty .... I would like for you to stop, you are very handy :-)

  11. Love the playful looking material...