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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday


What a gorgeous past few days here!! We had a perfect weekend; and right up to now is beautiful...Now it is hot, but I am loving the sunshine; though I guess it is leaving us for a bit of rain. I do not mind because a little rain will clear the air and water my gardens. 

This weeks WIPs are few....not because I am not working, but I am finishing.....yay!!!!!
Since last week, I finished hand quilting the Fishing Lodge theme quilt....calling it Gone Fishin....
This picture is not a good one...but after I hand sew the binding on; I will take a much better pic outside.

I made my project for Stamp On It blog hop......which has started today also; check it out.

I have started hand quilting this commissioned quilt.....
This lady does exceptional piecing!!!!!

I quilted this table topper.....called Chimes on Tiara today. Have to bind it yet.
I have joined the Christmas in July blog hop....and a couple of QALs....I know!!!!!!!
And besides that; I have my list from last week waiting to be quilted and one more commissioned one on the way.   But I love it!!!!!!
I know there are a lot of pictures in this post....but I can now show you the Memory Quilts that I did for the graduate; since the ceremony was last week...This first one was actually made by our graduating class; back when they were in grade 1. Their teacher kept it and gave it to her great niece; who was in her class that year.  The students used crayon to make their blocks with their names on it....the teacher put the quilt top together and I hand quilted it for her this spring.  Here it is!!!!

Close up of the sashing....

One of the crayon blocks...

And the second memory quilt....this one I made for the graduate/pieced and quilted it.

This is done with photos on printable fabric. The quilt is in her school colors....she was into basketball big it focused on that.
close up of the border with younger pics of her and family...

As always; I am linking up to Monika and Lee; you need to take a look....great work going on.


  1. Fun memory quilts. That's awesome that the teacher kept the blocks the kids created!

  2. Marjorie I just love all of your projects - you at so very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such sentimental quilts!! They are all beautiful and special:)

    Love the cardinals:):)

  4. Love your quilts - you certainly have been busy - your Stamp quilt is adorable - cardinals are one of my favorite birds.

  5. I almost missed what I came to see...your Stamp It Up project but I found it buried in the middle of all your other projects. You do keep busy. Where is your list of other Stamp It Up Quilters on deck for today? I get lost so easily these days. Keep up the good work!
    Gmama Jane

  6. Lucky you, we have rain since Monday. Love your stamps, they really beautiful!

  7. You are one busy lady Marjorie , not sure how you get so much hand quilting done . Love the crayon quilt , what a treasure that will be an the memory quilt as well. Love all you have shown!

  8. Golly, you've been very productive. It's amazing how much hand quilting you get done - very nice. Aren't the memory quilts wonderful?
    I love the cardinal on your stamp... a fun bloghop.

  9. Love the bells....and the graduation quilt

  10. Wow! You sure have been busy!

    I am taking a stroll through everyone's blogs to be sure that you all change Sew many yarns to July 1 on any schedule you may have posted on your blog. Thanks for taking the time to do that. :)

  11. You sure are getting lots done Marjorie. That's great! Love all your projects. The grad quilts are amazing. Such a treasure.

  12. Great quilts and beautiful quilting - you always seem to be so busy!

  13. Oh my Marjorie! You are such an accomplished handquilter! I strive to be like you! I did end up finishing my first can see it on my blog...starting another one too...following you! You memory quilts are great. I am sure that they were appreciated. Do you have any tips for working with photos! What brand did you use? I look forward to seeing the gone fishing bonded quilt!