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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday ....Late///and Linky Friday

Hi everyone....I am purposely late today because my post tells and shows you the quilt I hand quilted for my friend Rose. I finished it last night; but I wanted Rose to see her quilt before I posted it; as she reads our blogs. I thought she should see it in person first. Since she now has her quilt.....

 Another angle...not the best lighting in the room today...sorry about that.
Besides this Kona post is tomorrow, I did quilt a baby quilt on Tiara yesterday and a little wall hanging today, I just didn't take pictures because I wasn't really expecting to post this today.
So next time; more pictures...just wanted you to see 'Take Five'

Linking up to Richard and Tanya.....join some fun!!


  1. Beautiful quilting! I bet your friend loved it!

  2. this quilt has really caught my eye what wonderful fabrics you have used.

  3. Fabulous - I have no idea how you quilt so quickly, though! Years of practise, perhaps?!

  4. A lovely quilt and such a happy cheerful colour.