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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Today I am writing this post on my new iPad; seeing how things works.
The weeks roll around so quickly...a bit scarey.  This week I have the quilt from last week all quilted and ready to bind.....

This is a customer quilt, and I have 2 more like it to hand quilt.  the next one has just been put in the frames.
Now, I am working on another project, but since it is a surprise for a blogging friend....I can't show it yet.
I am still piecing the Double Wedding Ring quilt and waiting for quilt tops tp arrive to be hand quilted.
That's about it for me this week....linking up to The Needle and Thread Network   and now to Cabin Fever over at Lily Pad



  1. Very nice, Marjorie. Yes, the weeks just keep on rolling along.

  2. Already near the end of January, but that only means that spring is just around the corner. Love your handquilting Marjorie.

  3. My eyes focused on the words ipad! I got mine last year for my birthday and I am STILL discovering things with it!

    Those fabrics on the last quilt are way back from the 90's! And I still have some of the floral rose one! Love it tho!

  4. I got a tablet and gee, what a learning curve! Happy day!

  5. Beautiful quilting Marjorie !

  6. I wish the week would last as long as the weekly todo list. Though then the week might never end. :)

  7. Lovely hand quilting (as usual), and yes, the weeks just fly by, but that seems better to me than being a person who has too much time on her/his hands, perhaps even to the point of doing housework to pass the time "shudder".

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  9. Beautiful quilting! Thanks for joining our party!

  10. Beautiful quilting! This year I am trying to always have a hand quilting project 'in the hoop' for evening work. I find it very relaxing which is good after so many days of dealing with cold & snow.

  11. So lovely to find handquilting going on. I admit that I have given in to machine quilting more of my pieces - but there is always a special one that has to go 'thread and hand'!