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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Quick Thank You

a few days ago I posted a few wins I had lately....well, this one came in the mail today!!  You know...I have been so lucky to receive these gifts from friends all over the world. this one comes from Chris in Ontario, Canada. It is another gorgeous gift....thank you so very much Chris!!!!!

It is a pattern for Hearts and Flowers quilt.....this will take me a long long time to make, and it is stunning!  
it is a large booklet with loads of templates....beautiful qUilt pattern.

I love it and feel so special this week.


  1. that is certainly a lovely gift

  2. So glad it arrived. I am looking forward to seeing your progress eventually . . . and . . . I will come over in person to see it finished . . . I am stitching away here in Poland visiting my aunt and cousins.