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Friday, November 28, 2014

Things To Do

I had a very nice day today...our power went out yesterday about noon, because of the snow storm.
it was still out this morning, so.....I went Christmas shopping!!!!   I had a wonderful day!!!  It was back to normal when I got home.

Now...this is what I am doing since I am caught up with my quilting. Even though I am still hand quilting!!

Fleece throws...
and another.....
These are so quick to make...and so cozy.  Trying to use up fleece I have on hand.
have a good weekend everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Smart woman! I just got cranky when our power went off! lol But, we don’t have an alternate heat source and I get so cold so easily. I sure miss a wood stove! Nice throws! They are so warm and cosy, aren’t they?

  2. That's a grea thing to do when the power is out. Were the crowds awful?

    Love those fleece throws. They are super comfortable.

  3. hard to manage without power especially as it is so cold for you at the moment, the fleeces would come in very handy, seems a lot of people are using them as backing for quilts, have not tried it myself as I think they would stretch and not be easy to work with, maybe I will try on a small doll quilt!

  4. A little retail therapy can make any girl happy! Nice throws too! Glad the power is back on though.

  5. Very nice!! I helped my grand daughter make one of those fleece throws!! It was fun. Now I am working on a baby flannel rag quilt. Never did one, so hopefully it turns out OK!!!