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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I We're on the countdown folks!!!   I am more anxious for Christmas this year than usual. I spent today shopping with my daughter in law, very nice day!!!

As for works in progress.....I am half way through this one.
Here it is now....
I am puttering with this I have something to work at til Christmas.
I have also been putting together a few fleece throws this week.


I had a friend in yesterday, and machine quilted a few table runners for her for Christmas gifts.
That is about it for me this time round....linking up to Monika over at


  1. Hi Marjorie ..... cozy throws and that quilt just like the night sky just filled with stars. have a great week.
    in stitches

  2. really like your quilt. i am doing the same stars for a Quilt of Valor. i only need 49 more....just made the first one today.

  3. Love that quilt of yours on the frame! Those throws will keep someone warm and cozy. You accomplish so much in one week!

  4. Great throws. Love your star quilt! Fabulous colours, very stunning.

  5. Wonderful colors on the star quilt! I use fleece throws more than quilts lately but i am so lazy i don't even do the fringe, use then exactly as the fabric is cut off the bolt! Geez, i really should get back to sewing!

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  7. Love your quilt and your fleece throws look so inviting in this cold weather.

  8. Those throws look wonderful and I know they feel awesome.

    I'm feeling the same way about Christmas this year and it will be here so soon.

  9. Your quilt is really beautiful! Those cozy throws are just the best for a cold night!

  10. Love those rag quilts! Keeping busy til Chrismas. That is a very colourful star quilt.

  11. That quilt is gorgeous!!! Could I get a throw, too? :-)