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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Getting Back At It...

Feels good to start back into a routine...this is on the Tiara.
Log Cabin quilt...and this next one is being hand quilted...
Labrynth..I think it is called. Was difficult to get going again...Happy New Year all!!!


  1. I'm still waiting to get back. ;-)

  2. I am back in the swing of things too, even managed to blog after 3 months away. Liking the hand quilting design, wonder how do you mark it on the fabric?

  3. I am not back at it yet but wanting to . Great quilts to work on Marjorie !

  4. Happy New Year, I love the holidays but it sure is nice to get back to normal. Love the colors in the Labrynth quilt.

  5. It does feel good to be quilting again. Happy New Year!