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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Remember this from yesterday??????
Well here it is as of last night....all hand quilted and bound!!! Colours aren't quite as they really are, but close.
And the back, which is blush...a soft mauve/pink can see the quilting better. Well, I asked for rain for my, it won't
Wanted to mow this morning, but I guess it's to the sewing my!!!


  1. It amazes me your speed and fabulous hand quilting. It takes me so long to hand quilt things! Great job! :)
    Sewing is much more favourable to mowing, enjoy!

  2. That is gorgeous, Marjorie. I love the photo of the detailed quilting. Please send some of that rain our way.

  3. a real beauty, like you we are having plenty of rain but fortunately showers more than continueous rain

  4. Your quilting is so beautiful! We've had lots of rain and thunderstorms...crazy weather!