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Thursday, February 2, 2017

In The Groove...

Hey everyone!  It has been one of those know, very busy, but feeling accomplishment.  Last night, I finished hand quilting the "Snow Geese" quilt, and I just love it. This one is 90x100 inches.
It is quite densely hand quilted...I love the modern look of it.  This morning, I put this customer quilt in the frames to hand quilt, and have the first border done.

This measures about 80x90 inches.  I cut all the fabric for a new quilt I am starting...picture later on, and am getting ready to pin baste one for Lily tomorrow.
It may seem like I'm rushing here, and I, because I have orders coming in, and I need to get quilts ahead for summer. So; I am on the move here!!

Please stick around...there will be much more to show before long. I just might have a giveaway before too long also!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone...stay safe.


  1. I cannot believe how much you get done in a day! I machine quilted for an hour, baby sat twice and am sitting here reading and snacking.

  2. I love the geese! The quilting looks beautiful on it.

  3. could not have a better title snow geese is fabulous the white works beautifully as a background nice clean snow