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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Moving Along

Yesterday, I took the second quilt off of the new Coronet...loving it!  This is a mid size quilt( 70x90), roughly.  I did a funky, freehand flower all over quilting pattern, which went very well. I am getting quite comfy with this machine now.

This is on the bed...spread out, but poor lighting.
This is over a chair with a peek at the back.  I am very happy with this quilt. Now, I am focusing on the customer quilt that I am hand quilting...and piecing new ones. I have one started and three new orders in. Hubby has been reacquainted to the sewing room!!!!

In a day or tow, I will show more pics of what is taking


  1. The quilting looks great, Marjorie. I can tell you are enjoying the machine.

  2. looks like a happy little flower
    happy stitching
    in stitches