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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Progress on WIPs

Not linking up this morning....just an update.
I can see the end of my 100 club quilt!!!!  It has been in the frames for just over two weeks, and going very well.
This is the border where I started....and here it is now.  No, I didn't just turn it a few days left on this one!!!
I have this one on Lily...not much to see because of lighting in this room. I have a 4 foot led light above the machine, which glares on the camera.
This is partial blocks...using rulers on this one for the ditch.  And next is the border pattern...everything is freehand and ruler work.
I'm a bit slow with this one because I have outdoor chores now, and going through summer clothes.
Plus...I am binding a few quilts that needed finished.
Lots to do folks...just to get to all of it.


  1. Both look so nice, Marjorie. One of these days I am going to get brave enough to try a little ruler work. Enjoy the warmer weather - even though it does cut down on your stitching time.

  2. both coming along well, good to know that you are able to get out the summer clothes here I am still in my warm clothes hopefully summer will arrive soon!