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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday

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Here we are again people....I've been busy, but doesn't seem like I have much new to show you.

I am moving ahead with this one being hand quilted...
Slow, I did absolutely nothing over the weekend, except run the roads!
I have this order almost pieced...two more borders to add.  Now it is hanging over the ironing board; so you can't see all of it.
I'll be adding a white and then a darker green border yet.
I pin basted this one for the Coronet this one day soon I'll start quilting it.
It is still raining here too...seems to go on forever!  I have lots more to work on, but, one at a time, eh!
I want to get some binding done this week, I have my mail slot quilt to bind, and a few small items.  Need to get them in my shop.

That's it folks...for now anyway. Have a wonderful week.....Ohhh, I forgot!!   Our sewing group is working on a project together.  Five of us are each making a Giant Dahlia quilt...we have our centres finished as of yesterday.  Here they are...


  1. I just love the colors in that hand quilted piece. The stars look great too. I hope the rains let up soon for you.

  2. plenty to keep you busy here a lovely selection of quilts. Here we have had no rain for what seems like ages but some is forcast for tomorrow, grass is looking very sad but at least it has stopped growing!

  3. Lovely quilts you are working on Marjorie .

  4. Beautiful quilts, love the giant dahlia centres.

  5. looks great! Dahlias are my favourite flower. excited to see how that turn out!