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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Hello everyone....has been a dull day here today, and a touch cooler. I guess Fall is in the air!!
Well, besides gardening, I have been busy quilting and sewing.  This one is being hand quilted, but turned it for the last time,  soon be finished.
I got the binding on this one...
And...this is on my design wall...
Birch Trees.  I have done this one before, and just had an urge for another! And on Friday, I pick up the first set of blocks of our 100 club quilt....done as a group thing on a monthly basis with our quilt shop.
This is last year's quilt....
This is just a fun thing we look forward to every year. Have a fantastic week all!!!!


  1. lovely things as usual, your 100 club sounds fun too, weather here seems to be changing too, darker mornings and shorter days

  2. Yes, fall is quickly approaching. I have that Birch Tree on the design wall in my mind. I have always loved that one. Someday...... Yours is beautiful.

  3. I am so looking forward to Fall... Love your projects - the birch trees are amazing...