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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Good morning that the excitement of the blog hop is over, I am settling In to work.
Right now, I am hand quilting a gorgeous cross stitched quilt.  I can't post it yet though, because it is a gift from my soon.
Besides that, I finished quilting this "Slash Block" yesterday on Lily...did a geometric design this time.
Closer...a Missouri Star pattern.
And I pieced this wall hanging...
This is an Attic Window from Jenny at Missouri Star...and working on the borders of my 100 club quilt.
This is what it is like...will post a pic when finished
I also have three customer quilts waiting to be hand quilted....and about 6-8 of my own...yikes!!!!
Ok.....finished this it is!


  1. The slash quilt looks so nice. I love the attic window piece. It is going to be spectacular. Sounds like you are keeping busy.

  2. Gosh you are busy and achieving a lot!