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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Hi folks, I am linking up,with Monika at
This week I have finished hand quilting this very pretty quilt that belongs to a friend.
It is being followed by this in my frames being hand quilted.
Not a lot quilted yet, I made these this morning...14 jars of mustard pickles.
And picked peas this afternoon...but will get to it soon.
I have borders to add to this one...
And I have started this order...Giant Dahlia
I've had a few quilts dropped off this week to be hand and machine quilted. So, going to be busy and loving it!  Enjoy your week...nice to be back.


  1. You keep so busy with your quilting....and your harvesting. Those mustard pickles sound so good.

  2. You are so productive, Marjorie. I guess this heat hasn't slowed you down any!

  3. Mmm mustard pickles, love them. The quilts look great and I wish I was as productive as you.

  4. You are so industrious to Han quilt for customers! Hand quilting takes me forever! But that’s because I only sit still for about an hour in the evenings, then it’s early to bed. Mustard pickles...I’ve never tried them, but someone brought me a jar. Guess I should crack it open and give them a try next time we barbecue burgers. My canning days are long gone.

  5. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !