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Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm a Guest!!!!!!

Please take a minute to go over to Mary Ann's and see ME,,,,lol. I am lucky enough to be a guest at Rockin Quilts today...loving it.  Mary Ann is a sweetheart who asked if she could feature me...and of course; I thought that was so very nice of her...

So take a look and check out all the wonderful posts that she has on her blog. She is very talented...and I hope to have her as a guest here one day....right Mary Ann?????. 

Now on to the latest QAL...I have joined!!!!  I hope I can manage this one....I have wanted to join one of these is a pic of the fabric I plan to use...that could change...oh my let's hope not....I have 4 commissioned quilts to do now; and joining a I crazy?????  No it is going to be lots of fun....
I may need lots of advise and encouragement...are you up for that??

Mary Ann asked how I manage to handquilt a large quilt in 2 weeks...well; that doesn't always happen.
but during the winter months when I have no; not really. But have more time; I can do it. It takes about 6-8 hours a day to do this....and many soar fingers!!!  But I can't get enough of it; really.

Thanks for listening to me is raining cats and dogs here today; so housework almost finished for the day; off to the sewing room; or to the quilt in the frames...oh; the choices....
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  1. Congratulations on being a guest I will have to wonder over there and check it out. Love the fabrics you have chosen for the QAL ,have fun. No rain here yet but it sure is threatening.

  2. I read your post earlier. You do some beautiful work!
    Wish we had rain here. We're still having a drought!

  3. Been over for a read - great post.