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Monday, June 11, 2012

Block #2 ...Maryland

Well; I finished the second block for the Road Trip QAL. It is not what I was expecting!!
I don't know what I was thinking putting these 2 greens  Reminds me of pea soup.

It went together easily enough..but I will lose a point or 2 when sewn together.....
But it is finished....I can see another version in the near future...


  1. Looks great to me!

    1. Thanks Kiera...I found you on google+ but didn't see a way to contact you there..sorry.

  2. I would have not thought of those two green together, but they look great.

  3. Nice block Marjorie but you need a bigger picture. You have trouble hearing I have trouble seeing.

  4. Yours turned out great! Mine has some flaws, but decided to leave it. I like it anyway!

  5. It's a lovely block design. I think the greens go well together - be interested to see how they fit in with other colours.