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Saturday, June 16, 2012

RTQAL/block #3

Pennsylvania Parade is this is even more out of my colour element. But I really like the Summer House layer is making me do things I never would normally do. I will have a very summer like quilt..pinks and blues..that I've never worked with.  This block was a breeze to put together; though after taking the picture; I see where I didn't take quite enough seam allowance on one area...oh It is what  it can see more pics on on my sidebar.  So is the Road Trip QAL if you would like to join us...                  



  1. Your Pennsylvania Parade turned out really nice! I've been trying to choose my 3 fabrics for it.

  2. Pretty blocks Marjorie , love the fabrics !

  3. This block and the colours are very pretty. It will be a nice summer quilt.

  4. I really like the colors on this one.

  5. Very pretty Marjorie but I hate to tell you that you have block four and six in backwards. You don't have the star effect.

    1. stop it Marla....that's the way Em put it together...I just followed her I did realize it wasn't the way it should be.