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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It is a beautiful sunny day here today. I went into the city this morning to have my nails relaxed. I took the Solstice with the top down; and what a great morning. I came home shortly after lunch to find a package in the mail...from J. Dubbs. I won this during the May Day Giveaway...but do you think I can remember which blog it was from. I feel so very bad. If anyone knows who she is; please, please tell me so I can let her know that I received it...from the UK.  Here it is:
It is lovely vintage fabric..fabric covered buttons...and some elastic. Thank you JDubbs; if you are reading this.

And, of course; while in the city...I stopped by the fabric shop...what?????? lol.  I bought a grab bag of Moda scraps...and here it is opened.
I know I didn't need it; but it went psssssss pssssss as I walked by....what could I do???????????


  1. How exciting! I love mail like that!

  2. haha...I hear those fabric whispers all the time LOL....glad to hear it is not just in my head!! right??

  3. I find it hard to pass by a ScrapBag too!

  4. Lucky you and that looks like a nice bag of scraps , I would not have left that behind either :-)

  5. That happens to me at the store too. Hmmm. Looks like you will have fun.

  6. Congrats on your great win! I bet you had fun running to town in your beautiful little car! Looks like great scraps I have always wondered what was in those bags as I haven't seen them in my LQS. Are the pieces all 2.5 inch strips?

  7. I'm glad you received the package okay! No-one in the blogging realm would recognise my real name, I go by Jennifer Grace when I'm online. I usually use that as my return-address name on blog related packages too, but I must have been in a hurry and not thought about it!

    I'm so glad ou found my blog again eventually (note to self - always include blog address when sending out packages!). Hope you enjoy using the fabric! x