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Monday, August 27, 2012

August Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I am here again at the last minute with my samples for the month. I think this month`s challenge would make a great quilting pattern; once I got it down.  I am my own worst enemy when it comes to FMQ.  I have to practice more than I am doing right now!!!! But here are my samples for this month.,

This was the first try; done with Essential Threads from Connecting Thread...worked great, but the Jesters Hat looks more like horns to me!!! This was done on the Baby Lock with needle down and speed control...

This was done with YLI thread and worked great as always...done on the Singer with no needle down or speed control...I went wild!!!!lol meaning out of control...

I want to thank Darlene from SewCalGal; and Wendy Sheppard for a great tutorial..This would be a very fun pattern to do. and I will be doing it again....


  1. Really nice designs, I need to practice and get some tops done.