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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bowls with Borders list....almost over folks

Wow!! what a wonderful weekend it was. It has been a great summer really...We took off on Sat. morning in the Solstice and drove to Saint John and Fredericton, was a beautiful sunny, warm day.  Had a fantastic time...just the 2 of us. In Rothesay; my husband took me to this great little fabric store. See he has been working in Saint John for the past few weeks. I was thrilled that he noticed this place.  I got a few great deals...I will take pics later and show you.

Then on Sun. we spent the whole day at the beach...perfect weather for it!! I am tired but we only do this once in a long while. 

Now here is today's list: all over tomorrow my friends: 
                                                            August 27th

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