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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bowls with Borders is the last day for our fun blog hop. Where did the time go? I thoroughly enjoyed this hop, and all of the fabulous versions of  Regina's bowl pattern. I know I am going to do more with it later on.  A huge thank you to Regina, Carol, and Madame Samm; you all know where to find these gals by now!!

Here is the final list for the hop:          August 28th
                                                                         Madame Samm    

Oh, almost forgot; here is a pic for the great deal I got in Rothesay,NB on Saturday`s drive.

Incase you can`t read the sale tag on these; I got them for 5.00 each. The store is Town&Country. and my first time there. I really wish it was closer to me. But then again; I have 2 fabulous shops

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  1. What a fabulous deal. I would have bought out the whole store.