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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fantastic Day at the Fiber arts Show

Oh what a fun day the 3 of us had!!  We drove to Amherst this morning; took in the quilt show at the churches and did a lot of fabric shopping.  It rained all day, but we ran all over town under our umbrellas...had a blast!!!!  Now if Marla tells you I complained not believe her...haha. I always wear heels; I know....sore feet!!!  But I do it

I went with Marla and Connie; who are friends and neighbours of mine. Connie is a very new blogger and Marla hasn't been here very long....but they both love it. They are wonderful sewers and quilters.

Over the weekend; I will post a few pictures of some of the quilts......going for a tea right now; so enjoy your weekend everyone.


  1. I was supposed to go to Amherst today but couldnt make it. I bet the quilt show was wonderful. I am going tomorrow for the last day.

  2. I did not say that you complained as I kind of forgot. I should go and rewrite mind now that you have reminded me. ha ha I am off for the fall rally and wish it was over with. I am tired of running the roads. Next week looks busy also Talk to you later.