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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FMQ Challenge/Bonus for October

This month SewCalGal gave us another bonus challenge that we could do if we liked.  Diane Loomis was the instructor for this one; and a great job she did!!!   You can go here to see the tutorial and also some other works.

The challenge was to do machine tarpunto along with the FMQ. Well; I've barely got into the, never mind tarpunto...never done it at all!  We were suppose to use water soluble thread to start the project; then move on to the FMQ.  I didn't have this thread since I've never had the need; so I improvised.It worked out quite well,  But because I was improvising, I only did the larger part of the sample...couldn't do the smaller detail of the feathered border.  But I am very pleased with what I did get to try and will definitely get the water soluble thread for another attempt at this one!!

If you check out Diane's samples at the link above, you'll see she has a feathered border. mine is without the border....I just cut a piece of heavier batt to place behind the flower then layered the sandwich as usual; so I think it would be too difficult to do it with a tiny feathered border. But I wanted to try it; my sample: I still can't follow a straight line

                                                    This was done on a piece of satin on top and cotton backing....I used cotton quilt batt; but for the tarpunto I used a combo cotton/10percent polyester batt.  more for crafts.
The thread was rayon in the needle and bobbin thread in the bobbin. This worked really well.

It is raining cats and dogs here today; so should get more sewing done. I have the fan quilt almost quilted, and working on my Holiday Lane Pillow.


  1. That turned out really well. Maybe that class helped after all. I was going to call you and see if you wanted to go for a walk in those heels.

  2. Beautiful job. The satin really lets the puffy trapunto show up beautifully.