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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FMQ Linky Party

SewCalGal is hosting a linky party on; what we've learned, anything we would like to share. For me; this past year was up and down with FMQ. I am so very glad I took this challenge, and hope to do more of it. I did take a short class in a local fabric shop; it was ok; but the challenge taught me much more. I may never be good at it; but I am much better and more relaxed now. I do actually FMQ most of my small projects now.

I started out with absolutely no control over machine You would have laughed to see me at the machine!!  I was terrified of it...pedal to the floor; and hands could not keep up. Now; I can at least sit down at my machine and plan my doesn't always work out just the way I thought....but I enjoy it most of the time. 

I have used a few different threads; liking Aurifil and YLI the most so far. I have a lot to try yet.
I really like rayons; they seem to run smoothly in my machine, and I love the sheen of them.  I have tried cotton batt and poly batt; they both work, but prefer the cotton because of less loft.  Fabrics; I used mostly cottons, but did try a rayon with sheen once...I loved how it looked!

I want to take another class in the spring; mainly to get as much stress free practice as possible. I enjoy the social part of a class; and it relaxes me to joke with others doing the same thing. I hate being too  

Here are a few things that I have FMQ 

Ok,,,,enough pics for you to have to look at. But wanted to show you that I am getting more at ease with this. I want to thank SewCalGal for this past year; as it has meant a lot to me to be part of this group.  I have learned a tremendous amount since this started. I hope to keep it up in the coming year.

I am linking up to SewCalGal; link at top of page.


  1. Marjorie, your projects turned out beautifully! You've done a lot with this Challenge! It's hard to see the challenge come to a close officially, but we've met so many other bloggers who participated, we can keep each other encouraged and in stitches through the new year!

    1. thank you for this....and yes; I would love to keep in touch and inspire each other.

  2. I think it's great that you stick with the challenge and did so many projects despite your angst. I have a friend who likes to have a glass of wine before she FMQs.

    1. Now that would be a great excuse....hmmmmmmmmmmm.Thanks Holly.

  3. I really like the Halloween quilt and the orange one with the circles. Very nice.