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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This week I have been really really busy, but don't seem to have much to show for it. How could that be???  I got together with friends twice this week to sew...this is so much fun!  One of the days we made braided runners: They were interesting....the first one twisted somehow...and I had to re square it up when finished....the second one I used the walking foot. Since these were sewed and quilted all at the same time; it worked out much better. Here they are:

They are now bound in black and maroon, respectively.

The second evening; we worked on placemats....I didn't do much on those because I arrived with only my top pieces....dah!!! forgot batting and  So I had tea and talked too much; had a blast watching the rest of the ladies work.  

I have my Dresden ready for Thursday's post...working on the Valentine's piece...and have started the 'All About Me' piece.  So many little time!!!  lol

The 'Bluenose' is almost pieced; to be hand quilted. I finished the block quilt that is an it is:

This quilt measures 92x96 inches.

I am linking up to Lee  and  Monika; make sure you take a peek.


  1. How fun to get together and sew with friends! Lovely tablerunners, Marjorie!

  2. Sewing with friends is the best!!! It's even better when you are productive as you were.

  3. It is always fun to sew with friends and especially when you learn something new . Looking forward to your dresdans .

  4. I love sewing with friends, but sadly it doesn't happen very often. Somehow it seems like you get more done even though you often don't because you talk more.


  5. Sometimes workers need somebody to just watch and talk to them! :) Are you staying warm? Brrrr!

  6. Great table runners, you managed to piece very well with this method (can you tell that I tried it and didn't succeed?).

    1. Hi Regina....thanks for your great comment. I can't see anything on your blog post. For some reason I am getting a very tiny page when I go to your post. Not sure why

  7. I really like your first table runner! It must be even more striking with the black binding!

  8. Good stuff Marjorie - sewing with friends is fun, right?

  9. I am really inspired by that little band with flowers on the last quilt. Great idea.

  10. Sewing with friends is the best! I love your quilting on the big quilt and the tablerunners cute! I think that the black border and maroon border are the best choices! What are you doing with them?

  11. That busy corner is aptly named.