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Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Weeks Sewing

Spent the afternoon yesterday at Connie's; doing our weekly  We have fun...sometimes we get a lot done...sometimes

Yesterday we missed Marla; she had things to do with her family that had to come first. We really missed her. Connie and I made braided table runners.  It was a fun afternoon, even with the snow coming down....I hate driving in the snow; so I was constantly watching out the I lived!!!

Here are my runners not bound yet:


  1. I am so sad that I missed the day. Everything is over with now and things went very well. I am so tired that it will be nice to go on vacation. Mich Land did a beautiful job singing and Barry did a great job speaking. His father would have liked it. It will be hard to believe Blair not there any more as he has been there for all the years that I have been with Barry. He will be sadly missed. Going to town in the morning with Barry but will bring your quilt batt down tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Pretty runners! It's fun to sew with friends! Glad you survived the snow!