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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone...hasn't Feb been awesome so far!!  We do have snow on the way though.
This week I finished hand quilting on this quilt.
this is the churn of the quilt.
Outside borders...

I bound it last night and put the next quilt in the frames this afternoon. This it it here...
this is a sampler....Next week I may not have a thing for you.  I will be spending next week at our sons...babysitting.  they are going on vacation..Dominican .  so; I will be getting 3 little boys to and from school.
No quilting next week,,,but maybe get some piecing done....maybe!!!!

I posted my doorstopper pictures on Monday.    Hope you got to see those.
Now I am linking up to Monika.


  1. Ah, grand kids. Maybe nothing to show but lots to tell! ;~)

  2. great quilt, have a lovely time with your grandsons love the above comment so true

  3. Have a fantastic time with the Grandsons.

  4. Your quilting looks beautiful, as usual. Have a grand time with the little ones.

  5. Love the quilting, especially in the borders. Have fun with the grandkids.

  6. Marjorie I am always amazed at how much hand quilting you get done. Just beautiful work. Have fun next week watching the boys -- boy are we tired out when we have our 5 grandsons just for a day!! Take care now.. Karen

  7. I like the flowered borders! Sounds like next week will be like old time.....three boys...have fun😉

  8. Wow! You are doing some great hand quilting. One finished and another in the frame. You are on a roll.

    Enjoy the little boys!

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